Quick Macros 2.4 is a software application specifically designed to automate duplicate tasks in the system through macros. A macro is a set of commands that are written once and used repeatedly and, by definition, can prevent repetitive duplicates.

The simple and intuitive user interface of this software, along with a set of existing templates and toolbars, can be useful for novice users to easily create macros that can be executed without the need to recognize the syntax of command prompts.

Quick Macros is a software application that was developed specifically to automate repetitive tasks, insert text, and launch programs, and so on. This tool integrates a large number of templates, including callbacks, hooks, toolbars and filter functions, which can be especially useful for novice users.

Aside from that, it also comes packed with a few examples, so as to further help you. You can create all sorts of triggers, such as a mouse click, a keyboard combination, a window popping up, a launch of a process, or a file being opened. In addition to that, you can configure such properties like running applications only when a specified macro ends and unlocking the computer temporarily (if locked).

On all Windows applications. Adding an iconOr design it with an in-house software editor as well as debug, run and compile your project, create an EXE file and run it as an application file. With Quick Macros, you can create trigger types for a single mouse click, keyboard shortcut keys, open a window, launch a process, or open a file.

Here are some key features of “Quick Macros v2.4.8.0”:

  • Make macros for auto-executing duplicate commands
  • Define triggers for events and mouse movements and keyboard commands
  • Build an executable file (.exe)
  • Add icons for your executable file to your project or Design it with the help of the internal editor
  • Debug, run and compile the executable file
  • Use the search tool
  • Support undo or redo operations, copy, paste, cut or delete elements
  • Optimal use of CPU and RAM
  • User friendly environment

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

Download Quick Macros

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