PlanSwift Pro Metric v10.3.0.47

PlanSwift Pro Metric v10.3.0.47


PlanSwift Pro Metric v10.3.0.47 software Professional and practical for architects, contractors and other professionals with the help of which they can draw virtual versions of their construction project so that they can have an idea of ​​you and an overview of their work before starting.

One of the most important applications of this program is estimating the amount of materials used in architectural and construction projects. Financial estimates are one of the most important parts of starting a project that professionals will definitely pay close attention to. With this program, in addition to being informed about the amount of materials you need, you can find the costs related to the foundation, the amount of materials needed for construction, the cost of renting construction equipment, cars, workers ‘wages, contractors’ wages and also estimate.

Key features of PlanSwift Pro Metric software:
– Estimating the amount of materials required in the construction project
– Estimating the required costs
– Support for a wide range of formats including images, PDFs or TIFFs, AutoCAD files or Dodge Plan
– Possibility Zoom in, pin or scale the image
– Add various elements such as “Area”, “Linear”, “Segment”, “Count” as well as “Annotations”
– Ability to attach Excel files to the project
– Advanced and slightly complex user interface

“PlanSwift Pro Metric v10.3.0.47”

PlanSwift Pro is a complex and efficient application created to provide architects and other specialists in the field with a method of creating virtual versions of construction plans, which they can edit in any way they please.

Advanced and slightly cluttered user interface
Subsequent to the download process, users will need to enter the license activation information, otherwise the utility will only function in view-mode only.

The multiple tabs of the main window allow users to switch between its various sections, but they make it rather difficult to move the window to another position on the desktop.

The interface of PlanSwift Pro features a working window, where the design is displayed, while on the left side, users can access the ‘Pages / Bookmarks’ in the document, the ‘Takeoff Summary’, ‘Attachments’ or ‘Notes’.

The ‘Templates, Parts, Inputs’ panel in the right side of the interface features elements of varying degrees of complexity which can easily be inserted in the design. In addition, users can view the properties of a certain element in the working window by hovering over it with the mouse cursor.

System Requirement

  • Operating System:
    – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 (64-bit) with the latest Windows updates installed


PlanSwift Pro Metric v10.3.0.47

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