PDQ Inventory 17 is a system management tool that scans and thorough review of Windows , able to collect all the hardware and software systems within the network will be. Valuable information about your system’s processes, programs, services, drivers, and hardware components is gathered using this simple software, and you can get detailed information about it as needed, or from Use reports made by the software. Reports are created using filters or even SQL, and you can run them in the database of each computer, then print, extract, or even save and regularly email all your employers . Easy setup of remote desktopRemote Control, System Restart / Shutdown, WOL, Event Viewer … is part of the other functionality of this software. You can also easily combine and run your favorite scripts and services.

Here are some key Features of “PDQ Inventory v17.1.0.0 Enterprise” :

  • Collect information about processes, programs, services, drivers, and system hardware components
  • Access multiple administrators to a shared database of reports and information collections. By creating a server / client connection
  • Reporting as you need
  • Extracting, printing, or emailing reports
  • Scheduling for automatic updating of all available systems on the network
  • Using VNC to communicate with the system remotely and
  • open CMD clients and execute remote commands on them
  • View all event system And
  • view shared services system
  • Ability to integrate with PDQ Deploy

System Requirement

  • Memory Requirements:
    8 GB RAM – Console machine (16 GB recommended)
    4 GB RAM – Target machines
    SSD Highly recommended for Console machine 
  • OS Requirements:
    Windows Vista, 7, 8x, 10, or Server (2008X, 2012X, 2016X) 
  • Dependencies:
    . NET 4.5.2 (4.6 recommended)


PDQ Inventory v17.1.0.0 Enterprise

Download Here


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