Audio Stereoizer 3 is a plug-in for enhancing the stereo widget of audio files in the mix mix, which helps you quickly get your mixes wide.

The Stereoizer is actually designed to adjust the stereo widening to mono or stereo input signals, and provides the controls needed to bring the sounds to new dimensions.

Without damaging the sound signals, the plug-in gives Stereo Width an impressive amount of mixes.

With a visual audio analysis feedback and a clear, logical control layout, the Stereoizer is satisfying to use and gives you great results with the minimum effort.

This is measured in the frequency from 20Hz to 22kHz, allowing for frequency-conscious adjustments without referring to a separate analysis plug-in.

This helps to pinpoint areas of the frequency spectrum that may benefit from additional enhancements

Here are some key features of “NUGEN Audio Stereoizer v3.3.0.0“:

  • Add Stereo Width
  • Natural Expansion Effects
  • Set of Prefixes and Adjustable Controllers
  • Mono to Stereo Conversion
  • Stereo Conversion to Super-wide

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows  Vista / 7/8/10 or Later
  • 512 MB of RAM

Download NUGEN Audio Stereoizer v3.3.0.0

Download Here



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