NotePad SX Pro 1.4 is a powerful text editing software and is the perfect replacement for the default Windows Notepad program , which offers more features and advanced features than it does. This software has a tabbed interface that allows you to open multiple documents simultaneously in separate tabs so that you can easily navigate between them and view each content. Or edit. View documents to fullscreen, change fonts, Color and text size, hiding the toolbar and the main menu, adding date and time, sorting lines and along with all the standard features of the notepad program, has attracted a lot of fans.

NotePad SX Pro can also be used as a tool for making and editing HTML documents so you can preview it in your default browser. The lightness and compactness of this program, along with a wide range of advanced features, can turn it into a useful tool and alternative to editing texts.

Here are some key Features of “NotePad SX Pro v1.4.4” :

  • Text editor
  • Substitutes for the default Windows notebook
  • Ability to open multiple documents simultaneously in a tabbed window
  • View full screen
  • Quick access to recent files self
  • Ability to change the font , font color and background color
  • Ability to keep windows Notepad higher than any other application
  • access to the popular font
  • color customization (over 16 million colors)
  • supports all standard features Notepad such as Cut , Copy, Paste, Delete, Find, Replace, Undo, Select All, Go to line
  • Ability to hide the toolbar and the main menu
  • Extract text file as HTML page and view its preview in default browser
  • Print using current font
  • Functions to convert small to large, big to small and …
  • Delete blank lines, remove HTML tags / XML
  • Reverse Lines, Strings, Text
  • Sort Alphanumeric Lines, Sort Down , Sort Line Length
  • Add Date & Time
  • Include and Dictate Text
  • Add Text / Random Numbers

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10

Download NotePad SX Pro v1.4.4

Download Here



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