STAR * NET  Ulitimate 9 is a product MicroSurvey software professional surveying and mapping has been tasked with calculating the least square.

The least squares method is a method in regression analysis that is used to solve equation systems whose number of equations is more than its number.

The most important application of the least squares method is the fitting of the data curve. The least squares method in programming language R, most statistical and math software (such as Excel, SPSS, MATLAB, etc.), and engineering calculators.

The practical application of this software is in the large and complex calculations of the mapping stations, which can greatly improve the speed of the project by inserting it into the workflow.

Civil engineers, surveying, and all those who are somehow dealing with Surveying know exactly how important this software is.

All surveying workflows allow you to compute positions. Using STAR * NET allows you to compute positions, identify the reliability of these positions, and easily sift through the data to reassure you that the results are true and free of systematic errors.

From the RPLS forums right down to our direct support team, our customers have told us over and over that “STAR * NET does one thing, the least squares, and it does it well.”

Here are some key features of “MicroSurvey STAR NET Ultimate v9.”:

  • View designated points and plotting network plots
  • Find specific points and linear messaging errors
  • Ability to convert and input many mapping sensors
  • Ability to work in one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three
  • dimensional mode
  • Combine ground data And grid
  • Receive data from GNSS and Total Station and gyroscopes
  • Traverse and post-processing capabilities
  • Output as a text file and tabular in Excel format

System Requirement

  • OS :Windows 7 or greater
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 10 GB of free disk space
  • Sensor-related drivers

Download MicroSurvey STAR NET Ultimate v9.

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