Markdown Monster 1.14 is a software for displaying and editing of Markdown formatted texts, allowing you to edit the Markdown by providing useful features such as highlighting and highlighting syntaxes and entering text quickly. Provides flexible, synchronized, and instantaneous previews, allowing you to see your output when typing. You can easily import images, links, emoji and code in plain text or use UI guides that simplify many operations.

This software is able to convert Markdown to HTML and save it. The HTML preview can display the color codec syntax for the most common programming languages ​​and can be customized with HTML and CSS templates to fit your site. If your blog supports WordPress, MetaWeblog, or Medium, then Markdown Monster can distribute Markdown directly to your blog. You can also download or edit existing posts, re-download them, or even convert them from HTML to Markdown.

Here are some key features of “Markdown Monster v1.14.5.8”:

  • Markdown Text Markets
  • Markdown to HTML Conversion
  • Mark Down Dotted Syntaxs
  • Provide Live Previews of HTML Codes
  • Check Spelling Lines
  • Embed images, links and emoji
  • Paste images from the clipboard
  • Record and paste screenshots
  • Save as HTML and PDF
  • Edit and publish in blog
  • Convert HTML to Markdown
  • Preview and editor themes
  • Compatible with Git
  • Extensible and extendable by adding .NET Scripting plugins and text templates

System Requirement

– Microsoft Windows 10-7 or Windows 2016-2008R2
– Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later check or download
– Internet Explorer 11
– Git (optional)

Download Markdown Monster v1.14.5.8

Download Here