LizardSystems Change MAC Address v3.6.0 is a simple yet powerful tool that will help you change your network adapter’s MAC address. You can spoof the MAC address, set the MAC address of another manufacturer or generate a random MAC address in just a few mouse clicks. Your changes will be applied at once and will be retained after you restart the system. In network related issues, we find the physical MAC address, which is registered as a specific address within the network card chip, which can identify any network card. You may be able to change this address in different ways, but once you reboot it will be back! Software Change MAC Address is a useful tool for changing the MAC Address Network card, regardless of the manufacturer or the driver is using it you can with just a few clicks of the mouse, a MAC Address randomly generated, and it Save permanently so that it won’t change even when the system restarts.

Here are some key Features of “LizardSystems Change MAC Address v3.6.0” :

  • Display MAC address of network adapter
  • Replace MAC address with any other address
  • Generate a completely random MAC address
  • Rename manufacturer’s MAC address
  • Set a MAC address without manufacturer rename
  • New MAC Address auto-activation after changes

System Requirement

  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012R2, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
  • Administrator privileges are required to install the software
  • Super VGA 800 x 600 video adapter


LizardSystems Change MAC Address v3.6.0

Download Here



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