IsoBuster Pro 4 Build 4 is a data recovery software that can rescue all kinds of data, files, music, videos from bad or otherwise malfunctioning optical media such as CDs, DVDs, BDs and HD DVDs.By software IsoBuster will be able file types, including documents, photos and videos from scratched CDs and DVDs tied the game blue. It supports all file formats of CDs and DVDs as well. This software is able to display all burned cracks, and cracks that are hidden for any reason and not accessible by Windows can be easily viewed and extracted from its contents.
The main task of this program is data retrieval, but you can also use it to copy locked CDs, for example, this powerful software is able to copy a variety of character and volume locks. You can also view and copy CDs that are completely hidden.This software communicates directly to the drive and does not rely on Windows to provide the files and folders. This way IsoBuster can access data that Windows can not.

IsoBuster also supports a wide range of image file formats, such as: * .DAO, * .TAO, * .ISO, * .BIN, * .IMG, * .CIF, * .FCD, * .NRG, * .GCD, * .P01, * .C2D, .CUE,
* .CD, * .GI and more. It uses several retry-mechanisms to help you in getting the data, even if Windows is not able to do so. It is a very useful and easy to use program.

Additional features include Mpg (* .dat) Extraction, Scanning for missing files and folders, CDText support and much more. A good part of the features are available for free, however certain advanced features such as UDF, HFS, IFO and FAT support are only available in registered version.

Here are some key Features of “IsoBuster Pro v4.4 Build” :

  • Ability to read and extract image types from CDs and DVDs and TRACKs
  • Ability to scan lost files and folders
  • Scan files based on their specific bookmark
  • Scan lost files ISO9660 / joliet
  • scans all types of IFO / BUD / VOB files on a video and audio DVD
  • read and extract data from open sessions
  • find lost files during Drag-drop operations
  • Support for udf1 / 02 and udf 1/5, udf 2/5 and udf 2/5 and more …
  • Support for Mount Rainer CDs and DVDs
  • Automatically find files that are left in the folder delete operation.
  • Support for CDs that are assembled on very old drives. Still packages They do not know the new fixed format
  • Read HSF and HSFT files that are MAC operating system files
  • Extremely high file system and existence Multiple ways to use all of them
  • Read information and contents of system files
  • Ability to scan CD and DVD surfaces to identify physical errors
  • Sector inspection, checking its contents in the IsoBuster editor and the ability to print from it
  • File creation capabilities the image of bin and iso and ibq and cue
  • the section Audio files via analog output
  • Supports 42 languages including English Farr A
  • Support for DVD-VFR discs and the ability to automatically identify files VOB / BUP / 1FO
  • Automatically detects and detects 2 MB files and stops image files
  • Ability to open and close executable files
  • Save the size of the last viewed files
  • View advanced time and date in the browse menu and user-configurable settings

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 2000 SP 4, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Home – Ultimate), 32 and 64 bit versions of the OS



IsoBuster Pro v4.4 Build

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