HomeGuard Pro 6.5 is an advanced software for the care and monitoring of family members using the computer. This software is capable of storing Internet and non- Internet activities of anyone who works with the computer. You can also specifically exclude certain topics or sites.

The HomeGuard application was developed to be a powerful tool that runs silently in the background recording what users do on the Internet and offline. Each website visited, program started, chat message sent and received, keystrokes typed. etc will be recorded in addition to activity-based screen shots displayed in gallery view for quick flipping through many shots and full view for focusing on specific shots.

This software is capable of taking photos of all activities or even saving people’s chats . Also to avoid wasting time playingYou can easily prevent them from running without any benefit. With this software, you can restrict the use of any program you want, and even the software can inform you about the time the programs run by family members. As a result, parents can fully monitor their children and their use of the computer.

Here are some key features of “HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1”:

  • Superior monitoring and monitoring
  • Get screen shot of computer screen at predetermined intervals
  • Monitor access to websites and block them off
  • Monitor word searches in search engines
  • Monitor email and chat and block it
  • Create time limits for using computer programs and the Internet
  • Ability to monitor and prevent copying and deleting files
  • Automatically clear reports submitted after a specified time period. By you
  • Monitor the use of USB drives and external hard drives
  • Monitor printed files

System Requirement

  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 64bit & 32bit

Download HomeGuard Pro v6.5.1

Download Here



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