Gantt Excel 2 is a sort of bar chart that illustrates the project schedule and is one of the most popular ways to display activities and events over time.

On the left of this chart is a list of activities and in the face for that appropriate time for each activity.

Each activity is represented by a rectangle that refers to the length and position of the rectangle of the beginning, the end, and the time when it is active.

In short, the Gantt chart allows us to know what time it will take.

The Gantt Excel Chart plugin is completely automatic and is extremely easy to use. If you use the Microsoft Excel program, you can easily create a Gantt chart without having to learn the curves by downloading the Gantt template.

Here are some key features of “Gantt Excel v2.61”:

  • Milestones
    Ability to add Milestones in the Gantt Chart


  • Gantt Milestones
    Milestones help your team stay on track and to more accurately determine whether or not your project is on schedule.


  • Task Progress Indicators
    Show Task Progress for each task in the Gantt Chart Timeline
  • Task Percent Complete
    Configure Work Days
    Gantt Excel automatically accounts for selected workdays.
  • Gantt Work Week
    Instantly switch between Gantt Views
    Gantt Excel has six calendar views – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly View.
  • Gantt Chart Calendar Views
    Parent & Child Task Relationship
    Ability to Set Parent & Child Tasks in your Project.
  • Parent Child Tasks
    If a task is relatively large and requires several users with different skills to manage, break the task into subtasks and create parent-child relationships.
  • Resource Module
    Ability to assign resources to tasks and track resource cost



  • Holiday Calendar
    Set the holiday calendar to exclude holidays in the Gantt chart.


  • Show Text in Gantt Bars – Create Elegant Project Timelines
    You can now display any text within the Gantt bars in Gantt Excel.
    This allows you to show the right amount of detail to understand the project plan instantly.



  • Gantt Task Detail
    Select Dates Using the Date Picker
    Double-click any task date within the Gantt Chart to bring up the Date Picker


  • Gantt Chart Excel Date Picker
    Show Baseline, Estimated and Actual Timeline Bars
    Track Baseline, Estimated and Actual Dates in your Project Timeline


  • Gantt Baseline Actual Bars
    Highlight Overdue Tasks
    Immediately see any overdue tasks in your project schedule and save them from falling through the cracks.
    Overdue tasks show in red color or any color of your choosing.


  • Gantt Overdue Tasks
    Customize the Gantt Timeline Bars

System Requirement

OS :Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher versions (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

Download Gantt Excel v2.61

Download Here



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