Enfocus PitStop Pro 2020 20.1.11 Name is a very useful plugin for software that has the ability to automatically combine, edit, and correct PDF files that is offered for all platforms and allows you to easily manage PDF files. Enfocus PitStop Pro softwareWith its high integration with the software user interface, it has the ability to add very useful features and very powerful choices, and has the ability to provide very useful solutions and facilities for reviewing PDF files. With this software you have the ability to generate review profiles that have the ability to check PDF files for specific purposes and list existing problems PDF file in the form of a report file.

Also, all the existing problems have the ability to be highlighted in the original file, and you can solve these problems very simply. In addition , Enfocus PitStop Pro software Special standards are considered for reviewing PDF documents, along with standards for PDF / X-1a, PDF / X-3, PDF / X-4 profiles, PDF Ghent working group profiles, as well as common printing methods or applications. It is useful, but you can still create personal profiles by considering all the criteria and aspects so that you can check PDF files with your filters.
Features of Enfocus PitStop Pro software:

Ability to control the quality of PDF files, automatic correction of files

Ability to edit PDF files, add barcodes

Ability to add graphical enhancements to copied files

Ability to define different colors in the software internal lab

Supports over 40 different types of Action Lists

Fully professional dashboard support, support for vector editing tools

Overview of Enfocus PitStop Pro 2020 Features

PDF Quality Control (Preflight)
Automatic corrections
PDF editing
Action List visualizer
Add barcodes to PDF files
Pantone color Actions
Hard crop line art
My PitStop Pro dashboard
Vector editing tools
Add copied graphic improvements
Add Bleed to Mirror only
Colors can now be defined in Lab
Over 40 new default Standard Action Lists
New Devicelink Profiles for TAC Reduction and Conve

“Enfocus PitStop Pro 2020 v20.1.11”

PitStop Pro is fully integrated into the interface of Acrobat so that the additional features can be operated like standard Acrobat options. PitStop Pro adds very powerful options to the basic functionality of AcrobatPitStop Pro 2019 offers outstanding possibilities for checking PDF documents. You can generate check profiles that can check PDF files for a specific purpose or conformance to a standard and list all problem areas in a report. All problematic objects can be visually highlighted directly in the original document or selected immediately. Most found problems can optionally be corrected in the same work step

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7/8/10
  • CPU : Pentium IV or above
  • RAM : 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • HDD : 2 GB or more disk space


Enfocus PitStop Pro 2020 v20.1.11

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