EmEditor Professional v19.2.0 is the next generation of successful EmEditor, a text editor for Windows that fully supports Unicode, enabling you to edit multiple languages. EmEditor Professional creates feature-rich macros using JavaScript or VBScript, allowing you to define most operations. Not only can you define a macro that records keystrokes that you use and reference repeatedly, but you can also write your own macros that can manipulate other applications, Windows ‑ based files, or network functionalities. The macros are based on the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) engine, so you can use all of the powerful, robust objects available under the Windows Scripting Host.

EmEditor Professional is a tool that allows you to edit text files. EmEditor Professional features two newly added configurations: JavaScript for EmEditor and VBScript for EmEditor. When you open a macro file in EmEditor, keywords, such as macro objects, properties, or methods, are automatically highlighted. For help on certain keywords, move the cursor over the keyword and select Search for Keyword, or press F1. When an error occurs during the execution of a macro, a dialog box will appear showing the content of the error. If you click on the Edit button, you can jump to the location where the error occurred.

Here are some key Features of “EmEditor Professional v19.2.0” :

  • Professional toolbar
  • Editing text files
  • HTML coding capability with coding errors
  • Feature capability Macro in software for recording different events (you can record changes made by mouse or keyboard to your texts and use them for duplication, training , etc.)
  • Complete vocabulary for using different programming languages
  • Support for
    scripts : Bat, C #, C ++, CSS, HTML, Ini, Java, JavaScript, JSP, Pascal (Delphi), Perl, PerlScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, TeX (LaTeX), VBScript, WindowsScript, x86 Assembler, XML
  • Unicode support:
    UTF-7, Baltic, Central Euro pean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese (Shift-JIS) , Japanese (JIS), Japanese (EUC), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Western, Euro pean
  • Advanced Find and Replace
  • Plugin acceptance for editing more file formats like DLL and …
  • Drag & Drop property for Transfer Selected Text
  • Save and Backup Automatically
  • FindBar: Lets you search for text in a new bar
  • HTML Bar: Bar that helps you view your HTML components more easily
  • Projects: Displays folders as a tree And lets you open them up here
  • Word Complete: Shows a list of the latest words used and flagged in EmEditor to keep typing your text easier
  • Complete compatibility with Windows 7

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / Server 2012 / Server 2008


EmEditor Professional v19.2.0

Download Here



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