DryLab System v6.5.0.5 is a software for changing and editing files sent to the printer for printing, which provides users with a set of different editing tools for adjusting and managing color, light, contrast, resizing, cropping, etc. Gives. This software is often used in photography as well as printing and plot centers. DryLab System is offered in four separate versions to meet different needs and supports a variety of printers. You can also use this software to test the speed of printers that are connected to your system to know which one to use if necessary. The software also has the ability to integrate local and network printers to provide a device with higher speed and acceleration.

Key features of DryLab System software :
– Instant color correction of images
– Ability to crop, rotate and change the angle of the image
– Automatic correction of light and contrast of the image
– Ability to customize frames, borders and backgrounds
– Support for multiple photo printing modes: Photos, combine multiple photos, panorama mode
– Ability to archive more than a thousand photos
– Color management with support for V4 ICC and V2 profiles
– Precise control and adjustment of DPI

Essential version for users that would like to take full advantage of their printer and get the speed and comfort of work comparable to a professional DryLab.
Dedicated to a single printer.
Prints up to: 21×30 cm (A4).

Dedicated for printers capable to print on a variety of formats from one medium and / or prints in larger formats.
Dedicated to a single printer.
Prints up to: 60×80 cm (A1) or 100×30 cm (panorama).
Seamless printing multiple formats from one media.
Additional processing optimization for InkJet printers.

The most developed version that supports multiple local and network printers at the same time. Capable of grouping a different printers into a virtual single unit to accelerate the speed of printing.
All features included in Printer +.
Up to 8 local or network printers.
Up to 9 graphic stations.
Automatic print-job splitting between multiple printers of the same model.

General-purpose version capable of preparing photos and exporting them for future processing or exposing by minilab.
Up to 9 graphic stations.
Output to predefined structure of folders.

“DryLab System v6.5.0.5”

DryLab System is a missing link in a dry printing revolution. Essentially, it is a software-based solution that allows you to work with any printer like on a professional DryLab but for a fraction of its price. DLS is available in 4 versions covering different needs. The most advanced combines your local and network printers together as a single, multi-format and speed accelerated machine.

System Requirement

  • OS:
    – Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits)
    – Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64 bits)
    – Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Pentium® 2 GHz with SSE2 instructions
  • Screen: min. 1024x768px & 24bit
  • HDD: min. 200 MB free space during installation


DryLab System v6.5.0.5

Download Here



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