CrossFTP v1.99.1 Enterprise

CrossFTP v1.99.1 Enterprise

CrossFTP v1.99.1 Enterprise is an FTP client with interesting, complete and great features that provide you with the capabilities to be able to use it as an FTP, FXP, SFTP, FTPS, WebDav, S3 client Use the synchronization tool. The software has a user-friendly interface such as Windows Explorer and is very user-friendly in just a few minutes you can gain the necessary skills to use it. CrossFTP features such as viewing, extracting and compressing files, Unicode support, secure connection support and various protocols, backup capability, file sharing capability, etc. You can easily transfer (receive) ) FTP your desired files. CrossFTP Pro is an interesting, full-featured and excellent FTP client. CrossFTP Pro is a FTP / FXP / SFTP / FTPS / WebDav / S3 client and synchronization tool. CrossFTP has a user-friendly, explorer-like interface so that even novice users can master it in minutes. To start CrossFTP, please open the download link by Java Web Start (javaws).

Here are some key Features of “CrossFTP v1.99.1 Enterprise” :

  • Multiple tabs for browsing local and remote files
  • Archiving, extraction and compression
  • Server setup for network file sharing
  • Unicode support For International Sites
  • Text and Image Viewer
  • Recursive File Transfer
  • File Filtering
  • Password Protection
  • Mode Z Support
  • Strong Backup and Duplicate File Synchronization
  • Processing Engine multi-threading queues
  • supports secure encrypted FTP SSL / TLS (FTPS)
  • support for Amazon S3
  • support for IPV6
  • support for file transfers FXP ( Eight in)
  • HTTP, FTP, and SOCK 4, 5 proxy support
  • Scheduling capability

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7, 8 and 10


CrossFTP v1.99.1 Enterprise


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