Cheap cd keys, the best alternative to cracked games

Do you know what a CD Key is? CD-Key is a disk, a card, or a ticket that you get in the box when you buy a game. It contains a combination of many different characters, and it’s used for game activation.

When you have ordered a CD Key on the web where you don’t get actual products, you are going to receive a receipt for the order that will typically include a CD Key for it. You can find many marketplaces (the most popular ones are or, offering low-priced cd keys.The thing is that there are considered as the ‘’cheapest places’’ but it’s almost every time not true, in order to find great deals you need to compare all the cdkeys offer from all key shop that are trustworthy and CDkeybay does exactly that for you!
It doesn’t only list the sellers from g2a, kinguin, humble bundle, gog, steam and similar popular platforms but also less popular platforms as well if there are any verified and trusted seller offers available.

Why is it better to buy CD Key, instead of getting cracked, pirate version of it?

The answer to this question is very simple: CRACKED GAMES ARE NOT LEGIT. It’s that simple. But there are other things you should also keep in mind. Let’s assume you like to play Fallout 4, FIFA 20, or Watch Dogs: Legion. In case you download a cracked version, developers that made these games won’t earn a single cent. It’s not ethical and supportive to avoid paying for a game that your favorite game maker created.

But that’s not all; With downloading cracked, pirate games, there’s a good chance you’ll get some malware or virus that will be hard to delete from your PC. It’s not a rare thing to hear that someone’s PC got hacked and that hackers blackmail them for their own data. If you buy the game, you can avoid all of this.

I want to buy a game, but I can’t afford it.

Many people simply don’t have enough money to afford to pay for the original version of the game, so they decide to play cracked versions instead. As we mentioned before, THERE IS A SOLUTION. You don’t have to pay for a full version of the game, but you can at least make it legit and have the full version of it, including the online or multiplayer access. All you need to do to make this work is BUYING A CHEAP CD KEY.

Developers, game creators, and publishers are the ones that created those keys, and although they won’t earn as much as they would if you buy an original game, they will still earn something. These CD Keys are enormously less pricey than the original versions, and they are practically made for the people that can’t afford the original versions and still want to keep it legit.

Where do CD Keys come from?

Hundreds of vendors compete each day, seeking to deliver better game offers than their competitors. The most popular retailers provide cd key discount codes or perhaps free keys, but they are typically available for less popular titles. The dealers are regular people with a couple of unused cd keys, which they would like to turn to some extra money.

Cd key they sell comes from a bundle, some random giveaway, bundle, gift, or something like that. These codes, just like other codes, have been created by game developers and publishers; therefore, it’s completely legitimate to use them. Products with CD Keys are not always cheap, but if they are, it doesn’t mean it’s a fraud, but you need to be careful. As we mentioned before, sellers are looking to sell keys that are already used, but that’s why we advise you to visit Cdkeybay because they won’t offer you anything that comes from unverified sellers.

Some of the most popular websites for cd keys (kinguin or g2a) are selling almost any product you can imagine. Through cd keys for antivirus programs (like Kaspersky, McAfee, Norton), operating systems (Windows 10, Mac), all the way to the guns and skins for CS: GO, PubG, and similar titles. What they do is buy games in bulk, and resell it on their platforms. That ensures they will always have the lowest price, but since there is always some cheaper option, we advise you to use Cdkeybay just to make sure you got the best deal possible for yourself.

To sum it all up, all you need to know is that it’s safe to buy on all of the most popular platforms, but you need to make sure you’re buying from verified and trusted sellers. There are frauds, of course, but you can avoid them very simply, using the Cdkeybay as your guide. It won’t just deliver you safe offers; it will also sort them by price, finding you the cheapest option possible. It’s a quick way to the most reliable and most affordable solution, and you should definitely try it out.

Don’t forget: CD Keys are unquestionably legal. True gamers will never allow that their favorite company doesn’t get any revenue for their products. If you can’t afford the original version – there is no need to play the pirate or cracked game! Buy a game with the CD Key! These keys are legally paid (usually in 3rd world countries), and the company that created them will still get their revenue. It’s a cheap way to stay legit, and you shouldn’t miss it, especially if you will pay a symbolic price.

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