Brief Overview of How to Build a SaaS CRM System


Brief Overview of How to Build a SaaS CRM System – What is CRM? Before we understand how we can set up the perfect SaaS CRM system, it would crucial to first understand what CRM really is. CRM or customer relationship management is an approach that has been adopted by a number of businesses the world over so that one can organize the business in a better manner.

With the right CRM system for your business, you can do the following with much ease:

  1. Handle Information Like a Pro: This is one of the most challenging parts of making your presence felt online. When you are conveniently hooked up with a SaaS CRM software or system is bound to create a good way to handle the massive amounts of information that we tend to find in this day and age of big data. Yet, do we have the bandwidth to actually handle and process all this data so that we find the relevant nuggets that can help us drive reach and engagement towards a better rate of conversion? The simple answer for any business owner or sales team would be no. With the CRM software, you can be sure that the information is properly captured and stored in a way that would be connected with the right functions at the right time.
  2. Staying Connected: The best way to keep the conversations rolling so that you are constantly interacting with your audience and the customers. When you have a SaaS CRM software in the back end, you will be able to schedule interactions via a number of channels so that you are constantly connected with your core audience. This is of great importance since the customer needs to hear or see your mention at regular intervals is that you are not out of sight or out of mind, as a consequence.
  3. Team Play: Teams that play together always stay together! When you have an automated system in the back end, thanks to the CRM setup, you will be able to do several things. The first major thing is that you will be able to automate a number of time draining tasks that could eat into your bandwidth. The next thing is that this would free up the time and space for the team members to pursue the customers with deliberate engagement that would bring out their core skills. Also, with the automated prompts, each team member would automatically know which function to carry out and when. This would remove the need for needless communication which can lead to overlapping of instructions, chaos and waste of time. The CRM framework would help in avoiding duplication or missing out of tasks as well. This way, the team would be much more efficient.
  4. Marketing gets Automated too: You can easily automate your marketing efforts with the perfect SaaS CRM in the back end. Not only will you be able to queue up your posts and other deliverables including emails, but you will also be able to generate insights and information that can help you in constructing far more targeted campaigns for reaching out to your core audience in a far better and more relatable way.
  5. Revenues will go through the Roof: Now, with all of the above, you will get a single minded benefit that points towards higher revenues and higher scalability. This is because you will be able to concentrate all your efforts on getting your teams to perform better and use the limited resources to turn prospects into customers and retain them for brand loyalty as well. This will give you plenty of avenues for up selling, re selling and cross selling.
  6. Flexibility: Whether it is new tools and resources, a higher scale of operations and thus new team members within a new structure – there are a number of various benefits of flexibility that would be able to tap into when you use SaaS CRM software. You can make changes and even integrate other tools that will help you keep the information central to all your tools and functions for ease of communication and efficacy of the campaigns. Further, you can make ample space for the collaborations between the various parties who fuel the operations of the business.

The SaaS CRM software is one that allows you to use the system from a cloud based location so that you do not have to pay for the software and make such a huge investment. You would need to understand that there are three key types of CRM systems that you can setup:

  • Operational CRM system
  • Analytical CRM system
  • Collaborative CRM system

Here are the steps involved in setting up the perfect SaaS CRM system:

  • Choose the right CRM system: When you are setting up the SaaS CRM software, you would have to choose between an on premise and SaaS CRM. Once you have decided to go with the SaaS CRM software, you would have to decide on what kind of system you want: operational, analytical or collaborative.
  • Access: You would have to then define the access points and boundaries depending on the third party vendors (limited access), administrators (full access) or team members from the sales or marketing team (specific access).
  • Security: Once you have decided on how much access, you can then go ahead and decide on the security encryptions and measures including the SSL certifications and other measures like two way authentication that can help in identifying who is logging in and how much access they are allowed.
  • Cost: The good thing about the perfect SaaS CRM is that you can choose how cost efficient it would be to you. You can have minimal capital investment or you can make a high investment for the system that you put into place.
  • Define the Functions in Tandem with the Information or Data: This data would help define the exact tasks and functions as well as the direction of the sales pipeline for sure shot conversions with the help of the SaaS CRM software.

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