PRO / II Process Engineering 10 is a stable mode simulation software that can simulate design, process development, and operational analysis of the project.

This software improves the performance of the factory by improving the design process and engineering studies. The applications of this software can be used to calculate the balance of matter and heat for many chemical processes and to provide a variety of thermodynamic models for each industry.

PRO / II Process Engineering optimises plant performance by improving process design and operational analysis, and performing engineering studies. PRO / II Process Engineering offers a wide range of thermodynamic models to virtually every industry.

Comprehensive Process Simulation
PRO / II Process Engineering offers a comprehensive library of components, thermodynamics and physical properties data, and unit operations.

A Wide Range of Applications
PRO / II Process Engineering can be used in virtually every industry, including oil and gas production, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and polymer plant modeling.

Integration with 3rd Party Software
You can create custom models and reporting through Microsoft Excel. PRO / II Process Engineering integrates with industry-standard licensors including HTRI, OLI, Koch-Glitsch, and Cost Engineering. Import assay information through Unified Supply Chain Management.

Simplified IT Support
PRO / II Process Engineering is available via the cloud in addition to the traditional on-premise access method. This new infrastructure allows for secure user access control, seamless maintenance, and simplified IT overhead.

Here are some key features of “AVEVA PRO/II Process Engineering v10.2”:

  • Software simulation of advanced chemical processes
  • a book houses a wide range of physical properties and thermodynamics of materials
  • has database operations analysis
  • widely used in petrochemical, modeling Polymers
  • integrated structure with Excel, HTRI, OLI, and USCM
  • Estimated cost using side tools
  • Pharmacological analysis and how drugs work
  • Extremely powerful output tools
  • 3D visualization of the project

System Requirement

  • Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
    Windows 10 (64-bit)
    4 GB of RAM
    Dual-core Intel processor at 2.4GHz
    10 GB free hard disk

Download ExpoAVEVA PRO/II Process Engineering 10.2

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