Atmel Studio v7.0.1931 The use of microcontrollers in the industrial world today is so advanced and advanced that no one can ignore the use of this tool. Robots and medical, non-medical, industrial and many other devices are designed using controllers, all of which must be designed and implemented in a complete, special, and complete manner with complete feedback. The flawless implementation of each of these designs actually guarantees the application map, and the troubleshooting program that completes this project requires a lot of time and effort, along with a very special knowledge that can solve these problems. Fix.

Atmel Studio software is an integrated development platform (IDP) that can be used to troubleshoot and develop AVR and ARM microcontroller code. Atmel StudioIt is a complete environment for software development for various microcontrollers. By developing in this environment, you can put the AVR and ARM microcontroller applications together and write their code in a hassle-free environment. C + C / C + and assembly codes are easily edited by this software.
Features of Atmel Studio software:

– Support for AVR and ARM microcontrollers

-Complete troubleshooting

-Integrated editor

Debugging to build an accurate model

Troubleshoot C + C / C + and assembly codes

“Atmel Studio v7.0.1931” :

  • Atmel Studio is an integrated development platform (IDP) that enables you to troubleshoot and extend the code of AVR and ARM microcontrollers. Software development environments for specific platforms and professional troubleshooting require a complete and robust environment.FEATURES
    Supports over 300 AVR and ARM microcontrollers
    Advanced troubleshooting capabilities that include complex breakpoints in code
    Integrated visualizer with visual aids
    Create projects from scratch with the Wizard or from a large sample library
    Build debugging views to build a detailed model of the CPU, interrupts and accessories
    Writing and troubleshooting C / C ++ and assembly code by compiling a single piece
    Configure and test the performance of wireless design
    Ability to use extensions to extend the development environment

System Requirement

  • 1.6 GHz or faster processor
  • RAM:
    1 GB RAM for x86
    2 GB RAM for x64
  • An additional 512 MB RAM if running in a Virtual Machine
    6 GB of available hard disk spaceDownload

Atmel Studio v7.0.1931

Download Here


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