AquaSoft Stages v12.3.04 The name of the application software in the field of making videos and slideshows of images, songs and video clips, which supports features such as key forms, unlimited timeline bar and a large archive of effects and changes to provide video images, And the animations are provided in a specialized format so that it can allow you to make movies and slideshows. In addition, other features of AquaSoft Stages software such as custom image ratio, support for dynamic parameters for live effects and specialized preview of models enable you to take comprehensive and accurate control of your projects. AquaSoft Stages software is a very complete solution to solve your complex needs.

AquaSoft Stages software features
– Ability to crop video
– Photos and audio directly from within the timeline
– Ability to make time lapse and slow motion videos
– Ability to create special animations with dynamic parameters
– Ability to animate each component and move it across the page
– Ability to control the flow of the presentation by automatic or by remote access software
– Zoom support with 360 degree rotation with just one step
– Ability to output files in DVD, Blu-ray format
– Social networks in 4K quality
– Support for ready-made patterns and effects to speed up the process
– Ability to share travel route by map
– Roads and vehicles with just a few clicks.

“AquaSoft Stages v12.3.04

Features of AquaSoft Stages:
– Cut videos, pictures, and sounds directly in the timeline.
– Create a time lapse or slow motion movie.
– Create impressive particle animations with dynamic parameters.
– Animate any element and move it across the screen.
– Share your travel route with maps, tracks, and vehicles within a few clicks.
– Control the flow of your presentation automatically or with our remote app
– Finally, you can zoom with a 360 degree rotation in only one step.
– Export your video to DVD, Blu-ray, Social Media, or in 4K quality.
– For quick work take advantage of built-in templates and effects.

System Requirement

  • Operating systems: Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 with 64-bit
  • Processor: Multi-core processor recommended
  • Graphics card: at least 1 GB graphics memory, DirectX 9c
  • RAM: 4 GB


AquaSoft Stages v12.3.04

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