Abelssoft ScreenVideo 2020 3.05 The name of the software in the field of screen image recording is that by using this software, you can make a video of all the items on your screen with just one click. It also allows you to customize the recording environment, which is full screen or part of the screen, thanks to its easy and powerful user interface. Although you are currently a fan of screen capture and you are filming from your desktop for the first time , Abelssoft ScreenVideo softwareGives you graphic performance and convenient features for specialized photo editing. It is also the best way to present a video to a person. In addition, the practical moderator function uses image-to-image technology to integrate you directly into the video corner of your page, and all you need is a webcam and going out to capture specialized images.

Also, after recording the video, you can select the quality you want to publish the video from SD to 4K and choose your output format from hundreds of different formats for easy sharing of your video. Abelssoft ScreenVideo software It also provides you with very interesting features that include quality, frame rate, cursor size, transfer rate and much more, and you can completely edit all parts of your video without the need for Have special knowledge to record and edit your videos.Features of Abelssoft ScreenVideo software:
The best screen capture software on the market

Great for beginners or even professionals

Ability to display your capabilities with moderator function

Having 5 different levels of quality for video release

Supports a large number of known formats

Support for highly integrated graphics operations

Ability to edit and adjust various video components

Abelssoft ScreenVideo 2020 v3 Features:

The best screen recorder
For beginners and professionals
Show yourself with the moderator function
5 quality levels
Many Formats Supported
matter of adjustment
Intuitive operation

“Abelssoft ScreenVideo 2020 v3.05.85”

Whether you’re already a screencast pro or creating a video from your desktop for the first time, ScreenVideo gives you intuitive operation and just the right features for demanding shots. To explain something to someone, a video is ideal. The practical moderator function uses picture-in-picture technology to integrate you directly into the corner of your screen video. All you need is a webcam and off you go! Video recorded? Perfect! Decide in what quality you want to publish your videos. You have the choice: from SD up to 4K quality! You decide in which format your masterpiece will fall out of the program. Whether MP4 file, WMV or others. The choice is yours!

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium IV or above
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • HDD: 200 MB or more


Abelssoft ScreenVideo 2020 v3.05.85

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