Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7 is a sound recorder for Windows that can capture direct streaming audio from running devices such as speakers. This software is light, easy and yet powerful for high-quality audio recording. The i-Sound main feature is audio recording from the output device directly without the Stereo Mix input, and you no longer need to spend your time searching for an appropriate audio driver and hiding or activating your audio devices through the control

Direct Audio Recording
After installation, i-Sound will use your default playback device (Speakers) for recording. You will get a digital copy of all the sound going through the speakers with perfect quality.

Real-time audio compression
i-Sound saves space on hard drive using real-time audio compression to most popular audio formats such as MP3, OGG and WMA or lossless audio formats like WAV, APE and FLAC.

Advanced Scheduler
i-Sound can start recording at predefined time, date, day of week, and open URL of streaming audio. Browser window will be closed automatically after recording. You can specify up to one hundred recording tasks.

Voice activated recording
VOX is a smart system that can skip silent pauses in audio, but ignore short snaps and background noise. It works just like a portable digital recorder.

Automatic Gain Control
AGC is used to keep the audio in a consistent volume by gradually increasing or decreasing the gain in response to changes in the signal level. You can also manually configure it using the VU Meter.

Easily edit recordings
If you want to edit the audio file after recording then you can use the free sound editor add-on. Just open the recording browser, select your recording and click “Edit file in sound editor” button. First time it will download and install add-on, the next time it will load the audio file to editor automatically.

Manage your Recordings
Recording browser lets you manage your recordings, delete, rename, and edit your recordings without leaving the program.

Here are some key Features of ” Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder for Windows v7.8.1.1 ” :

  • Record audio directly from current devices such as speakers
  • Optimum use of system storage space (instant compression of audio files and save them on free space). Hard disk
    storage ) – Save audio files in MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC and so on …
  • Ability to schedule sound recording process
  • Removes pauses and sound background noise
  • Automatic or manual control and volume control. Reduce or increase signal changes
  • Edit audio files recorded with the sound editor plugin
  • Manage recorded sound and delete, rename and edit them

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10


Abyssmedia i-Sound Recorder for Windows v7.8.1.1

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