Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great marketing equalizer these days. Since everyone has access to Google, you’re doing your brand and business a favor when you optimize your website.

SEO experts say that external link building is the third most important thing you can be doing to grow traffic. Building backlinks can help your site bring in traffic that turns into revenue.

The tips below will help you learn how to check backlinks so that you can work your SEO strategy.

1. Find a Backlink Checker Tool

If you’re going to have success with your link-building strategies, you need the right analytics tools. A backlink builder is one of the most important that you can invest in.

With a backlink checker, you get the benefits of:

  • You get immediate alerts whenever someone links to you
  • The backlink checker lets you know when poor-quality or less than reputable sites link to you
  • This software gives you access to specs like Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR)
  • Pinpoints potential link-building opportunities you can take advantage of
  • You can sort through do follow and no follow links

There are all sorts of backlink checker tools that you can try out. Start with a trial to test out the graphical user interface (GUI) and gauge what results you’re getting.

2. Study Your Competition

Studying your competition is a big part of backlink building. Your competitors teach you a lot about what links work, and how you can include them in a way that gets results.

Reverse engineer their progress so that you know what type of links you need to be using in your strategies. Your research will also teach you all about domain-level and page-level competitors. Study your main keywords and find out which brands are in the top 5 in the most important rankings and analytics.

3. Get a Professional Audit

The best thing you can do is invest in professional SEO services that can help you with your link-building strategy. A professional can give you an overall audit that lets you know how this part of your SEO strategy is working and how you can make improvements.

They’ll be able to help you with your homepage SEO needs so that you can grow your ranking and generate more traffic. After the audit and consultation, you can keep these professionals on a retainer basis so that you’re always on top of your backlinks.

A professional audit will help you with your blogging, video marketing, revamping your website, and any other aspect of your SEO that involves links.

How to Check Backlinks

You can check backlinks like a pro when you follow the tips above. Getting a handle on your links will allow you to build your Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (DA), and other important analytics while driving traffic to your website.

This way, you can grow a brand that is as recognizable as it is profitable.

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