Youtuber’s Guide To Making Perfect Outros For Your Videos

Youtuber’s Guide To Making Perfect Outros For Your Videos – Be it a marketing presentation or a dance recital – the last few minutes usually stay fresh in the audience’s memory for much longer. When you create a video, while the content is important, concentrating on the last few minutes will help drive home the point.
That is where the role of outros comes into the picture. In this article, we shall explore what outros are and how you can create the best outros for your YouTube videos using the best Youtube video editor.

What is an Outro?

An outro is a concluding piece of music or video that can be used to draw the curtains on your presentation. The idea behind having an outro is to touch an emotional chord with the audience even after the song is over. Such is the impact of an outro that this concept has been in practice since the Victorian age theater recitals and used in modern-day YouTube videos.

Outros may be in fade-out mode wherein the pitch is gradually brought down until it fades away completely. This is effective when you want to touch the viewer at an emotional level. A full stop outro is when the song ends abruptly and concludes the show. The emptiness that prevails after that is expected to have a lasting impact on the viewer.

Outros in Videos

The outro is a versatile concept and can be used in songs, movies, and commercials to create an emotional appeal. With YouTube videos becoming increasingly popular, you may use outros to convey your message efficiently in a digital medium. Choosing a correct song for the outro and ending it well may be the deciding factor in making a video viral-worthy.

Tools for Preparing Outros

Having established how an outro can change the face of video. The next step is to know how to create a YouTube outro that will catch the attention of the public. Luckily for you, there are several outro making tools that you can utilize to arrive at the perfect outro. While some of these are available for free, others are paid, and you are free to choose a tool as per your requirements.

  1. Lightworks

This is one of the oldest outros making tools in the market today. In the last 20 years of its existence, Lightworks has steered its way from being a basic video making tool to having some of the most advanced professional features.

The fact that it remains the preferred outro creation tool can be attributed to the fact that it is extremely user friendly and allows one to leverage the advancements of GPU to come up with stunning real-time effects.

  1. OpenShot

OpenShot is recommended for people with some prior experience of outro making. Here, you will not have a ready-made template and will have to invest your efforts in building one from scratch. Trimming of audios and videos can be achieved to perfection as the tool divides the audio into detailed technical wavelengths to match the video. Thus, while you may need to devote a little more time towards this YouTube video editor, the results will be exceptional as compared to just any other video editor in the market today.

  1. VideoCreek

Also used as a photo editing and graphic design tool, VideoCreek is one of the best outro maker tool in the digital world. Here, the video and outro templates are just a click away, and you can experiment with drag, drop, and crop to create a unique outro. Any photo can be turned into art, and there is ample room for creative expression.

  1. Panzoid

What sets Panzoid a cut above all other outro creating tools is the fact that the program is embedded with 3D animation tools. For creative YouTube videos, this translates to 3D effects on the outro, thereby making it more engaging.

The tool is highly engaging, and by spending some time on fiddling with it, you are likely to end up with unique templates that won’t be available anywhere else. While this may be one of the top outro-making tools available in the market, prior experience in video editing is recommended for people keen to use the tool.

Choosing an Outro Template

For those looking for an easy way out in the creation of outros, having a ready-made template saves a considerable amount of time. Luckily for you, Snappa, Editorsdepot, Velosofy, Renderforesr, and OutroMaker are some websites that offer access to hundreds of outros templates.

The key to finding the best fit is to have a clear picture of the video you want to create in your mind’s eye. This will help you picturise how you want the video to end and choose accordingly. Also, if you are downloading the template from a website, try to go for a diversified website as seeing a larger number of outros will help you get better ideas for your video.

Choosing the Outro Music

The Outro music sets the basic tone of the conversation, and you must be cautious about choosing the same. Spend some time in understanding the tone of your video and then chalk out the type of music that would gel well with it. BenSound, Looperman, Tunepocket Storyblocks, and Audioblocks are some of the top websites to download outro music.

If you are unsure about which type of music you want, it is recommended that you shortlist some with an abrupt end and a few smooth ones. Then play both the types of music with your video and let your ear judge the one that fits the best. Considering the role of appropriate music in the success of an outro (and thereby the video), investing in paid music will also be worthwhile.


The role of an outro in the success of a video cannot be undermined. With this detailed guide, you now realize that making an impactful outro is not a Herculean task. As you explore the tools discussed in this article, you will discover the finer nuances of outro making and give your YouTube videos a professional appeal. Like every other skill, this is something that comes best with experience and here’s wishing you the very best for the same.

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