When a startup launches, the most important thing is to get the new employees up and running as quickly as possible. That’s why it’s important to have the best onboarding software that sets the foundation for a successful working relationship.

Luckily, there are a number of great software out there that can help new employees get started in a positive way. In this article, we’ll list the top 5 onboarding platforms that are empowering the best onboarding programs out there.

Let’s jump right in:

Charlie HR

Charlie HR is an onboarding platform that helps startups quickly and easily hire remote workers. The onboarding process for new hires with Charlie HR is simple, efficient, and user-friendly.

New employees are first introduced to the system via a welcome video tutorial. This video walks them through all of the basic features of CharlieHR, from creating a profile to the work role.

Once they’ve completed the initial setup process, new hires can start working right away by signing in to their account and navigating through the various modules available on the platform.

Bites Onboarding and Training

Bites is one of the top-notch onboarding platforms that has been used by startups and large businesses alike. Equipped with a variety of useful features, the platform offers employees an easy-to-use platform that provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the platform.

The software also includes tools for tracking progress, managing tasks, and developing skills. It’s perfect for startup employees who need help getting organized and learning new applications quickly.


MobieTrain is a mobile-based onboarding tool that helps new employees understand the company’s culture and how it functions.

Integrated with video tutorials, exercises, and quizzes to help employees learn about their role in the company, as well as tips on how to improve their productivity.

This also offers a chat-based portal where employees can ask questions and interact with other workers.


OnboardCentric is one of the most popular onboarding platforms for startups. It’s designed to help new employees get started quickly and efficiently.

The program features a comprehensive training module that covers all the basics, such as customer service skills, job responsibilities, and company culture. Additionally, there are plenty of resources available online and in the app so that employees can learn more about their role in the company.

A key feature of OnboardCentric is its social integration platform. This allows managers to track employee interaction and performance data in real-time across various channels.

This is useful for monitoring employee performance and ensuring that all new employees are doing well.


UserGuiding is a comprehensive onboarding software that helps startup employees learn the ropes quickly. The platform includes video tutorials, blog posts, and email tips. It’s designed to help employees feel comfortable with their new job and make the most of their time at the company.

UserGuide also has a forum where employees can get advice from other members or ask questions about anything related to work. This is an excellent resource for newcomers who want to know everything there is to know about working in a startup environment!

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most popular onboarding software for startup employees. They all offer comprehensive training modules, social integration platforms, and useful resources whichever program you choose, make sure that you invest in a software that will help new employees get acclimated quickly and feel comfortable with their role at the company.

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