uTorrent Pro v3.5.5 is an application that is efficient and has a lot of features from a BitTorrent client for use by very small Windows devices .μTorrent is designed for use with cpu, space, memory, and a small presentation that can be used by anyone. Expectedly advanced. By using BitTorrent, you will be able to download files at a faster rate, collaborating and helping to share files and bandwidth.

Here are some key Features of “uTorrent Pro v3.5.5” :

  • Simultaneous download of multiple files
  • Use of low bandwidth
  • Bandwidth configuration based on time
  • Unique speed
  • Fast and continuous resume transfer
  • UPnP support (only on winXp)
  • Supports all additional protocols
  • Supports Trackerless
  • Mainline DHT
  • Use of other languages
  • Open URLs in the browser via the RSS Releases tab
  • Display Opera peer id
  • View BitTyrant peer id
  • Support 3state checkboxes in the torrent add window
  • Display the icon used in the file Addtorrent window
  • better memory management
  • ability to add shortcut to install in quicklaunch menu
  • transition to past modes after being disconnected
  • Controlling halfopen connections
  • Displaying an error when there is no Folder during editing or …
  • Renew RSS releases icon after download

System Requirement

  • Windows 95 users will need to install Winsock2 Update from Microsoft for μTorrent to work correctly.
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10


uTorrent Pro v3.5.5

Download Here


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