Thopos 2019 is a software is powered by the Italian studio Studio Tecnico Guerra, designed for topography, and is equipped with independent CAD tools and features that are ideal for land surveying.

Thopos is suitable for surveyors and engineers, and the program can be used to manage all of the country’s topographic operations easily, thanks to its comprehensive and reliable design, thanks to GPS control and design development to the final design of the integrated design.

Thopos is a software topography equipped with CAD autonomous tool, entities and functionality targeted for use in field surveying. The program is suitable for surveyors and engineers and surveyors, which is comprehensive and reliable to manage all operations of topographic relief in the country, thanks to the controller integrated GPS, development, design to final drafting of drawings.

Here are some key features of “Studio Tecnico Guerra Thopos 2019 v7.06.00“:

  • T Module – Format for General Topography and Crop Property
  • Module M – Module for Topography and Design of 3D Models
  • Module D – 3D Modeling and Design
  • Module P – Design Module Profiles and Sections
  • R Module – Advanced Raster Image Management Module
  • N Module – ReM Management Module
  • Module A – Formula for Agrarian Arrangements
  • Module C – GNSS Controller for Land Mapping
  • S Module – Mapping in a Countryside by Communication Direct to your central station

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10
  • 2.4 GHz Intel processor
  • Dedicated GPU is highly recommended with 256 MB of VRAM
  • 1280×720 monitor resolution

Download Studio Tecnico Guerra Thopos 2019 v7.06.00

Download Here