Steelray Project Viewer v2020.01.87 Software To help advance team members’ goals and programs by displaying MS Project or P6 documents, project schedules (project control), recording the overall project process, date and how the various stages of the project are progressing. This software is widely used in large industries and projects (such as aerospace / defense, construction) and you do not need to import or upload anything, just the file you want to use simply Open MS Project and you can see the main data and applications as you can see.

As you know, careful planning of large and complex projects usually requires separating and organizing them into smaller and simpler projects in order to better understand the tasks involved. If you are looking for a tool to plan and keep track of project progress at various stages and maintain the integrity of the project and control it only for you, the Steelray Project Viewer software is the right choice for you this software similiar like Coordinated care software. The status of changes and updates in different parts of the project will be sent to the manager electronically so that there is no need to read line-by-line the project to get the changes made.

The Enterprise Standard for Microsoft Project (MPP Files) and Steelray P6
viewers invented the Microsoft Project viewer in 2000 and have continuously added innovations and improvements since then. Steelray Project Viewer is the most compatible viewer used by customers in industries with the largest project schedules (eg Aerospace / Defense, Construction). There is no need to import or upload anything – just open the file as you would with Microsoft Project, and you’ll see the same core views and data in the schedule. Steelray offers a free 10 day fully functional trial of Viewer, so download it today.

Enhanced Printing
Preview all pages, one page or actual size before printing. Scale and see the effects on output, page size control and orientation and data header. Utilizing a simple interface makes it easier than with Microsoft Project.

Built-in search engine access
Find what you need quickly with the first search engine integrated into a project viewer. Search through task information, resource names and dates.

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Here are some key Features of “Steelray Project Viewer v2020.01.87” :

  • View MS Project or P6 documents
  • View details of various tasks
  • Select a specific date and view running projects, finished, started
  • Project breakdown into simpler projects and monitoring On various aspects
  • Send status updates to project manager
  • Advanced printing
  • Ability to view all pages, one page or actual size before printing
  • Check progress of project like Health care management system
  • View completed, incomplete, in-progress projects, etc. .
  • control tasks and sub-tasks in large projects
  • compatibility with files .XER and UN / CEFACT XML Primavera, Excel, Microsoft project 98_2016
  • search Easy and fast through the information, the name of the source and date
  • Using an easier interface than MS Project
  • Time and cost control and management

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit


Steelray Project Viewer v2020.01.87

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