RedCrabIt plus 7.8 is a highly efficient fullscreen calculator with an editor window that users can easily enter and edit in mathematical formulas such as expressions and formulas and see the results clearly.

Working with this calculator can be even easier than working with a regular calculator.

RedCrab is capable of solving many of your equations due to its advanced and intelligent system. In RedCrab you can also enter complex algebraic equations that include fractions, tensors, power, and so on for scientific and technical applications.

This calculator has 4 different parts, the first part being NUMBERS where you can select numbers using the mouse, the second part is called SCIENTIFIC which contains the basic trigonometric functions and logarithms, the third part is SYMBOLS.

This includes the functions of radicals and integrals, and finally the fourth part of logical operations.

Here are some key features of “RedCrab PLUS v7.8.0.720”:

  • Write multiple math formulas on the page
  • Save formulas
  • Ability to create a home book of functions and formulas
  • Formula editor page
  • Formula storage
  • Complex algebraic expressions
  • Print ability Getting off the page
  • Individual assignment of output formats to variables
  • Audible announcement of results
  • Number of chart types for graphical display of results
  • 2D function plotter
  • Calculating with units of measure. Automatic conversion of different systems into one formula (km, miles, acres, liter, yard). Automatische Umrechnung verschiedener Systeme in einer Formel (km, Meilen, Hectar, Liter, Yard)
  • Define your own mathematical functions
  • Accuracy digits: 14/28
  • Print selected areas of the worksheet
  • Insert text boxes
  • Integrated functions:> 250
  • Tooltips and online help in German and English
  • Interface (API) to perform its own functions in external applications
  • Slider for variable data input

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 +, 8, 10,
  • Framework 4.0 or higher

Download RedCrab PLUS v7.8.0.720

Download Here



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