Postbox 6 is a software allows you to manage multiple email accounts with a single user interface at the same time and easily. As a result, you can create any number of emails you want with ease of imagination. This software offers a powerful new way to search, use and view your email messages and accounts. What the postbox software really does is really a way to let you sort out the types of internal resources that your emails hide in old emails, such as every bit of text, every contact, address, and link, each Take photos , documents and attachments.
In using this software, just click on the header of the images to display a thumene gallery (thumbnail) of all the images in all the messages in the inbox, or click on the Attachments tab. So the software will search for all your documents and files.

Postbox will enable you to easily manage multiple mail accounts from the same interface. Postbox helps you to make the most of your email, offering powerful new ways to find, use, and view email communications and content, organize your work life, and get stuff done.

Here are some key Features of “Postbox v6.1.16.1” :

  • Create a set of preset templates to send auto-reply
  • Send pre-defined answers; Incredibly helpful to answer common questions
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Read emails and messages. In a very nice and user
  • friendly environment
  • Ability to change the layout and type of message display
  • Ability to edit inbox messages like a text editor
  • Ability to search files, images and text
  • Have advanced search options
  • Manage multiple email accounts simultaneously
  • Apps Gmail desktop
  • native support for Gmail labels
  • Show dedicated to major label
  • Arsa And archive functions
  • Support for Gmail keyboard shortcuts
  • Convert identification dates to Google Calendar events
  • Connect to social networks Add to personal contacts
  • Profile photos of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gravatar and address book
  • Auto display of job title and company name LinkedIn
  • Quick and easy access to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profile pages
  • Online status updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Have a Favorites bar for quick and easy access to your favorite accounts and folders
  • frame helpful when secret accounts and folders
  • Add a folder to the favorites bar by dragging and dropping
  • integrating The main building software and services that you use
  • Send Dropbox links instead of files
  • Create reminders in iCal, Google Calendar, or Lightning Calendar
  • Support the latest version of Growl
  • Quick comparison and search
  • Browse emails in tabular format like Web Browser
  • Email Categories Organize with keywords
  • Ability to compress email titles
  • Ability to create keyboard commands
  • Possibility to put signatures
  • Supports plug

System Requirement

  • Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2
  • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 100 MB hard disk space for application files (excluding local message data)
  • Postbox runs in 32-bit mode is a 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows


Postbox v6.1.16.1

Download Here


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