PCmover Professional v11.1.1012.533

PCmover Professional v11.1.1012.533


PCmover Professional v11.1.1012.533 is a software for playing the blue information / settings in Image is an old Windows or hard drive on a new Windows / Hard drive that sometimes has different operating systems. If you restore the image using this software, all the programs, files and settings that you had when you created the image on your previous system without replacing anything on the new computer (so called without overwriting) Enter the new system.
If you want to restore your previous Windows Image to normal, your current operating system is completely destroyed and replaced with the previous operating system (which was active during the previous installation). For example, if you already have an image of Windows 7 or XP and now have Windows 8 installed, you will no longer have Windows 8 if you restore the image and only the windows / settings in the image file will be reset. But using PCmover Image & Drive Assistant also allows you to have Windows included in the image file without losing the current operating system and settings.

Here are some key Features of “PCmover Professional v11.1.1012.533” :

  • Easy to use by step-by-step and wizards
  • Access to previous Windows settings / files and contents without compromising new Windows settings and contents
  • Transfer files and folders from the system Old to new
  • Generate reports of transfer operations
  • View and select files needed for Abi game

System Requirement

  • CPU: Intel or compatible Pentium or higher processor.
  • RAM : Same as minimum required by operating system.
  • Available hard disk space : 200 MB. 200 MB is the only hard disk space required for the PCmover Image & Drive Assistant application.Make sure your PC also has enough hard disk space for the selected programs, settings, and settings that will restore your PC from the disk image.
  • Window 8/7 / Vista / XP, including Windows XP Media Center and XP Tablet.PCmover does not support full server restorations, as found on Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008. It will run on these operating systems and can be used to restore accounts and applications. However, it will not properly restore any of the system services and settings such as
    Domain Name Service or Terminal Licensing.
  • The operating system on your new PC must be the same or newer than the operating system on the PC from which the image was created (ie, if you created an image from a PC running Windows XP, the new PC to which you restored the image must be running XP or newer).


PCmover Professional v11.1.1012.533

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