Filter Solutions 2019 is a product of Nuhertz Company, whose function is to synthesize and filter the filter structures and analyze it with inactive (compressed or extended) inverters, and synthesize the capacitor switching circuit and analyze the effects of parasitic effects.

The software consists of six unique modules: distributed element; compact element; active element; digital circuit; impedance matching and capacitor resonant filter switching.

Using FilterSolutions, the designer can choose from multiple filter topologies, or can arbitrarily customize filter designs by adding or moving poles and zeros, including auto-reconstructed band passes, as well as allowing the synthesis of group delay of uniform filters. Between the broadband bandwidth by a filtrate with the same torque or by a tact stopping band.

FilterSolutions is a software for electronic filter circuits synthesis and analysis. The modules available in these programs include: Passive Filter, Distributed Filter, Active Filter, Digital Filter, Switched Capacitor, and Zmatch (used to create impedance matching circuits).

It is designed to provide a simple point-and-click filter design for commonly used filter topologies that do not require advanced flexibility, which are then usable with either FilterQuick or FilterSolutions advanced feature sets.

Here are some key features of “Nuhertz Filter Solutions”:

  • Simple filter design
  • Conductivity resistance analysis
  • Distributed line design
  • Substrate filter design
  • Supports a variety of filter topologies
  • Variable output formats including DXF, CSV, Spice Network Lists, etc.
  • Combined Of the ten mutually reinforcing structures

System Requirement

  • OS :Windows 7 SP1, 10
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 2.4 GHz processor speed
  • 1 GB of disk space

Download Nuhertz Filter Solutions 2019

Download Here