MatchWare MindView v7.0 is a professional mind mapping software that allows you to visually brainstorm, organize and present ideas. Known for its award winning MS Office integration this mind mapping software lets you be more productive, turning ideas into action faster than ever before! With 6 interchangeable views, unique project management features and powerful collaboration options; MindView has become the industry leader in mind mapping software.

MatchWare MindView v7.0 is powerful software for brainstorming, brainstorming and brainstorming. This software helps you to categorize, organize and write your ideas, thoughts and opinions as powerful as possible. With this software you can share your new ideas with others and explain them in a play. It works perfectly with Microsoft Office and you can import your desired content into different Office software. With this software you can map your mind and make better decisions. This software helps you to turn your ideas into reality; you can gather all the prerequisites for turning your ideas into reality and put them into practice with careful planning. This software helps you save time and money and boost your creativity.

Here are some key Features of “MatchWare MindView v7.0” :

  • Drawing a Mind Map Diagram
  • Drawing Tree Charts
  • Sorting Thoughts
  • Classifying Theories
  • Posting to Others
  • Implementing Ideas
  • Planning to Achieve a Project
  • Helping Mental Storm and Creating Ideas New

System Requirement

  • Windows® Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 or higher
  • 250 MB disk space
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or newer


MatchWare MindView v7.0

Download Here



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