Internet Download Accelerator Pro v6.19.4.1649. You will need a download management software when you want to download a lot of files from the internet and when you want to download a large file from the internet . Internet Download Accelerator is one of the download management software that will make it easy for you to download files. The software relies on a beautiful and simple interface as well as a set of great capabilities. With its unique technology, the program can convert files into small pieces and start downloading each piece separately, which increases the download speed. It also speeds up your connection to multiple servers. You can easily and quickly download files from the Http, Https, Ftp protocols.

This powerful software has the ability to get the shell to make the software more beautiful, as well as the ability to customize and get plugins for the program. Download Manager is one of the important tools of the InternetFor us, we are Iranian carriers. Most of us internet users are using dial-up internet to connect to the Internet, and to download large files we need a good download manager that slices our download files into small portions to speed up download. Increase files. If your internet file downloads crash or there is a problem downloading the file, you may continue to download and your downloaded file will not be lost. If you do this without a download manager you will have to download the file from scratch. This software can sync with all types of browsers including Internet Explorer, Nescape, Mozilla and Opera and

Here are some key Features of “Internet Download Accelerator Pro v6.19.4.1649” :

  • Ability to download from Http, Https, Ftp with Resume capability
  • Ability to split files into multiple sections for faster download
  • Download and manage downloaded files
  • Small floating window to show file download speed and speed – Continue semi-complete downloads from where your internet connection has been disconnected for some reason
  • Automatic connection in case of internet disconnection
  • Download all single page links with just one click
  • Download schedule and specify download time
  • add skins and plug-in programs
  • coordinated with antivirus diverse
  • toolbar for internet Explorer
  • supports most Rvrgrhay common, including: Netcape, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla
    Support for various languages ​​including Farsi
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP / 2012/2008/2003/2000 / NT


Internet Download Accelerator Pro v6.19.4.1649

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