The last decade has seen technology become an integral part of our life. Various industries have since found creative ways to incorporate technology into their processes and services to make customer experience tenfold more efficient, and the home service industry isn’t far behind. Starting from making services available through online platforms to let people take virtual tours of their future homes – these home service companies are taking it to the next level to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at some of the features that are at the forefront of tech-enabled home service companies.

App-based Services

Many companies are adopting simple app-based services that allow customers to access home service with just a few taps and from the comfort of their homes. These apps streamline the booking process, offer personalized solutions, and provide real-time status updates to clients. Some of these apps also make payments a hassle-free process.

Companies like TaskRabbit have successfully adopted app-based services to serve their customers faster. Cinch Home Services Warranty Solutions has a digital dashboard on its website that allows customers to request services all day long from their desired location.

IoT Integration

IoT or the Internet of Things boasts interconnected sensors and devices that can communicate with each other and pass data. Many companies have used this technology to create complete smart home solutions for users. Partnering with top tech companies has allowed these home service companies to come up with smart locks, automated thermostats, and smart lighting systems that work together seamlessly to create a self-sufficient home system. As a result, these companies are attracting tech-savvy customers who want an upgraded lifestyle.

Advanced Home Security

The home security sector has seen a revolutionary change with tech integration. Many companies – both related and unrelated to the home service industry – have entered the advanced home security sector and developed some highly efficient and effective home security systems. Ring, now owned by Amazon, is popular for its wide selection of smart security products, starting from security cameras to smart alarm systems. Software such as Avast Premium Security is a great choice to protect your home networks against cyber threats.

The inclusion of smart security products adds another layer of security and protects the home from intruders. The best part is that you can monitor and control these systems from a distance and take immediate action in case of a breach.

AI-powered Assistance

AI assistants have almost become a thing of the past. Many notable services have been providing automated assistance to their customers, and some have created entire services that run on AI assistance.

Alfred is the perfect example of an AI-powered assistant that can help sort and tidy up various processes for a homeowner. The app facilitates easy rent collection, managing maintenance requests, and communicating with all residents with just a few taps. The system also provides reports and helps to enhance resident satisfaction through data analysis.

Advanced Remodeling Services

Not all customers have the creative vision to understand a remodeling plan thoroughly. Remodeling companies have successfully used visual aids and sample pictures to make the process easier. But with technology integration, they have taken it up a notch. Companies like Houzz are acting as a bridge between homeowners and home remodeling professionals. The platform uses 3D visualization tools that give homeowners a realistic glimpse of the project. The homeowner and home service company both benefit from this, as customers can request changes before the company starts working on this project and save thousands of dollars.

Energy Efficiency Services

Energy efficiency has been in demand to reduce energy consumption and associated costs and impact the environment positively. Home service companies are incorporating energy efficiency audits into their services to help their customers make more efficient choices in energy consumption. This leads to proper reporting about excessive energy consumption and where the customers can reduce it. Some companies also help customers ease into a smart home system which increases energy efficiency and helps them save a lot of money. Companies like Opower use technology to analyze energy usage data and convince customers to use it more efficiently.

Virtual Consultations and Tours

Virtual tours have been common in the real estate industry. Companies used to create 3D tours on their website and the customers could check the property by clicking arrows on the screen. But with AR/VR integration, customers can take virtual tours inside the home and take a more informed purchase decision. Companies like Zillow and Matterport have successfully incorporated 3D consultation and AR/VR tours for their customers, which sets them apart from their competitors and helps attract a wider customer base.

Technology has made our life easier, and the good news is that it’s here to stay for hundreds of years ahead. Just like other industries, the home service sector is also rapidly integrating technology to come up with unique service opportunities or systems that make the lives of their customers much easier. The sector has already seen considerable growth. But we expect it to grow even faster in the upcoming years.

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