HD Tune Pro 5 is a handy hard drive utility with many applications designed and optimized for Windows optimization and performance enhancement. Drive performance measurement, base writing, AAM tuning, folder usage monitoring, disk viewing, error detection, health checking (SMART), erasing all data and more are features of this software .  HD Tune pro A benchmarking application that tests the performance of any computer. This software is capable of optimizing Windows to increase the efficiency of your computer and solve its problems.

HD Tune Pro is an extended version of HD Tune which includes many new features such as: write benchmark, secure erasing, AAM setting, folder usage view, disk monitor, command line parameters and file benchmark. HD Tune Pro is a computer benchmarking application that can test the performance of any PC.

Here are some key Features of “HD Tune Pro v5.75” :

  • Ability to benchmark and measure performance
  • Transfer rate
  • CPU usage
  • Copy text to clipboard
  • Screen shot to clip
  • Ability to view health during testing
  • System temperature
  • Ability to use SMART technology
  • Cache testing capability
  • Benchmark: measures raw performance
  • Access Time
  • Burst Rate
  • Hard Disk information which includes firmware version, serial number, disk capacity, buffer size, transfer mode
  • Hard Disk Health
  • SMART Information
  • Temperature
  • Power On Time
  • Copy text to clipboard
  • Copy screenshot to clipboard

System Requirement

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • Hardware requirements: hard disk (internal or external), SSD, USB stick, memory card reader.
  • Note: due to hardware limitations some drives may not support all functions.


HD Tune Pro v5.75

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