Gammadyne Mailer v57 –  is a software application designed to help users with their business approach to email marketing. It lets you send personalized messages, automatically respond to some e-mails, create a database contacts and take snapshots.

Gammadyne Mailer is an essential software for business email marketing automation that solves these problems by automating three key tasks including sending email, receiving email, and managing your email list.

Gammadyne Mailer is a great application designed to help users and business owners in the email marketing process.

The software provides users with features such as message personalization, advanced search, contact list management, automatic replying to some emails, creating a database of contact information and taking photos in a simple environment.

The installation process does not last long, while the interface may seem a bit crowded as it encompasses a menu bar, a navigation pane, several buttons and a panel in which to display the selected information.

However, the well-designed and comprehensive Help contents encountered will enable you to easily learn how to handle Gammadyne Mailer regardless of your previous experience with computers.

Here are some key features of “Gammadyne Mailer 57”:

  • Advanced Email Options
  • Automatic Processing of Incoming Emails
  • List Management
  • Mail Merge Ability
  • Database Integration
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editing
  • Message Preview
  • Personalization Work With email attachments
  • Direct delivery
  • Data extraction
  • Dynamic interface
  • Command line control
  • Work with all SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 servers

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Win7, 8, 10 or later (32/64 bit)

Download Gammadyne Mailer v57

Download Here



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