FRSProductMgr 3.7 is a fantastic sales software for small business owners to easily manage inventory, sales volume, customers and products of the company. This software has the same environment and functions as spreadsheet software as well as databases, which means the extensive use of this software in controlling and managing inventory and selling goods. You can save all the data contained in this software in web pages and use these reports on your websites. The built-in user interface for this software is very simple and attractive, and users can use it easily and without confusion in the menus.

FRSProductMgr was designed for a small business person who wants to manage his or her inventory, track customer sales and, optionally, manage its products on its website. However, because of its flexibility, FRSProductMgr can be used to track almost any kind of data, whether for commercial or private purposes. The ability to maintain data is something that a software application such as a spreadsheet or database can do. What FRSProductMgr excels at is the ability to provide a very flexible display of those data, and to generate web pages from those data. So if you are using one of the popular office suite spreadsheet or database applications, you’ll be surprised at how you can customize FRSProductMgr.

Here are some key Features of  “FRSProductMgr v3.7.4” :

  • Track any kind of data you want also like time tracking software.
  • You can easily re-arrange, modify, add, or remove data columns to fit your specific needs.
  • Track any number of photos for products.
  • Viewing your data with different reports is easy to do.
  • Using HTML template files you or your webmaster maintains, you can easily generate web pages for your web site or intranet.
  • Any number of “stores” * can be maintained.
  • Manage your store’s orders and employee data.
  • Your data file can be uploaded securely to your web hosting server, providing a cloud back-up.

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8.10
    Disk space: 7 MBFor Windows Vista and Windows 7
    Right-click on the Start menu command, or right-click on the Desktop icon and select the “Troubleshoot compatibility” menu command (see screen capture on the right). Follow the instructions and let Windows adjust the compatibility mode of the application. This should only be done once.For Windows 8, 8.1, 10
    You will need to use the Windows file manager and find the executable file of the FRSProductMgr.exe. When found, right-click on it, and select the “Troubleshoot compatibility” menu command. Follow the instructions and let Windows adjust the compatibility mode of the application. You may need to select “this program worked in a previous version of Windows”, and select “Windows 7”. This should only be done once. This web site shows how to do this for Windows 8. This website shows how to do this for Windows 10.


FRSProductMgr v3.7.4

Download Here


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