The ERP cloud systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires constant updating. To cope up with regression testing, a cost-effective automated tool is needed. Explore the opportunities provided by Executive Automats for Microsoft ERP regression testing outlined in this article.

Why should you automate Microsoft ERP regression testing?

Regression testing of software is not about a trust issue. It is about unpredictable interactions with your business environment which might happen when the software is modified. Since Microsoft is paying particular attention to the constant improvement of its ERP products, there are frequent updates of their software according to the “One Version” policy.

Thus, an ERP system cannot be safely maintained without regression testing, and it has to be performed regularly and thoroughly. As this task is overwhelming for manual testers, creating too large expenses and taking too much time, a regression suite automation tool will be more beneficial.

Executive Automats: automation of regression testing

The Executive Automats testing tool has been designed with a view to providing the Microsoft ERP users with maximum automaton of the testing process.

The suite is equipped with a user-friendly record-and-play interface that requires no coding skills. Not only is the codeless feature convenient, but it also makes it possible for the users without programming skills to work with it. This will allow your company to maintain testing schedule regardless of whether there is a technical specialist available at the moment or not.

Moreover, the process of recording test cases, monitoring processes performance as well as generating documentation for further usage is also automated. Test cases can be built even within two minutes and reused, while testing schedule can be executed automatically.

On top of that, the cloud technology of Executive Automats will allow you to utilise the tool as TaaS whenever you need it.

Executive Automats for cost reduction

Testing without assistance of a technical specialist itself helps to save money. Additionally, Executive Automats will decrease the expenses by running also functional, integration and performance tests along with documentation and offer you scalability and the integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps.

The costs of carrying out performance tests of the simultaneous usage of your system by a great number of people are a way lower with Executive Automats than the costs of using other tools requiring extra payments for a multiple user testing process.

It is never too late to start managing the finances of your company more efficiently and protecting them from the technology-related risks with Executive Automats since this tool can be implemented at any moment regardless of the stage of the software lifecycle. No matter whether you are switching from AX 2009/2012 to 365 or it is already in the go-live phase, you can safely reach out for Executive Automats.

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