EJ Technologies JProfiler v11.0.2. Profiler tools are programs to monitor some parameters at the JVM level and help programmers optimize written code, details of how the program is executed, and system resources (such as amount and mode). Uses CPU, Input / Output, and Memory) required by the programmer. Generally, profiling in dynamic programming is referred to as a program that usually applies computational complexity theory operations to a particular part of the program and is most commonly used in optimization.

JProfilerOne of the powerful tools for profiling Java applications is that you can easily profile Java applications to optimize their performance. In this program you will experience simplicity and power together and this makes it easy to run profiles (including memory profiling and database) for small and large applications without spending extra time. One of the features of this software is database profiling, and since database calls are one of the most common causes of performance problems in commercial applications, this feature is critical.

Here are some key Features of “EJ Technologies JProfiler v11.0.2 Build 11081” :

  • Profiling JVM
    Applications – Easy to Use While Powerful Tools and Operations
  • Database Profiling for JDBC, JPA and NoSQL
  • Exceptional Support for JEE (Java Enterprise Edition)
  • Advanced Level Profiling Data profiling
  • Star leak memory analysis
  • Supports command line operations
  • Supports various platforms, popular IDEs and common application servers
  • Low overhead
  • Thread profiling Multi-threaded programs

System Requirement

  • Supported architectures: x86, x64 / AMD64
  • Supported versions: 10/8/7 / Vista, Server 2016/2012/2008, XP


EJ Technologies JProfiler v11.0.2 Build 11081

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