Digital Performer 10 is a Software Professional and comprehensive audio editing and editing software that provides all the necessary recording, editing, mixing and processing of sounds, audio tracks and music.

This app collects all the tools of a professional studio such as controllers, mixing panels, microphones, music tools, audio tracks, MIDI tracks and hundreds of different effects in a comprehensive environment, allowing you to record and edit Allows the user a variety of music and sound.

All cracks are displayed individually and can be edited and interchanged with other cracks. In this program, you can create, edit and mix most musical instruments, such as guitar, piano and more, and create your own tracks and music. Customizing the application environment, such as changing the appearance of the program, changing the colors of the waves and buttons, editing the accesses and changing the control panel is also possible.

You can simultaneously work on multiple sound and project, and finally transfer the audio and music notes to other programs, such as Finale and Sibelius, and enjoy the unique features of the Mix Panel for adjusting sounds and effects. take.

Here are some key features of “Digital Performer v10.0”:

  • Capable , record, edit, mix and process professional audio and audio
  • Has hundreds of different effects
  • Mix panel for recording and editing sound
  • Personalization of the environment and the program panel
  • Color determination Waveform
  • Enables you to play and record musical instruments like guitar and piano
  • Work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • View and edit each audio disc separately
  •  Possibility to send soundtracks and music made to other software such as Finale
  • Supports most audio formats
  • Output creation with OMF, AAF, MusicXML formats

System Requirement

  • OS : Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 32bit & 64bit

Download Digital Performer v10.0

Download Here