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To the question „ where is my parcel located? “We have the right answer for you. Thanks to our shipping search you always know where your neck is. Through our bluecare express tracking portal, you are able to track your package shipped all over the world and accompany it on the journey.

With our tracking, you always know where your shipment is. To ensure that the data is up-to-date, they are updated several times a day to always have the most recent status. Thanks to our shipping search you do not need different codes: even if the shipping partner changes, your shipment remains digitally traceable via europacco.com. Several tracking codes and complicated searches on the most diverse websites have been overcome: with a single code you can track your shipment all over the world to its destination.


Tracking is included in the price of your shipment and accessible 24/7. With the tracking code received by email, you can track your package. Thanks to this you are able to know at any time where your package is, which stages it has traveled and when presumably it reaches its destination.


The data of your shipment are updated several times a day so that the shipping path of your package is always traceable. With this, the status of the shipment always remains current.


A single code allows you to be traced to the destination, even if the package changes courier during the journey.


Regardless of where your package is, our tracking portal tracks it all over the world.

Our shipment search has simple pretensions: we want to allow our customers to locate the goods shipped at any time. Our shipping is set up very transparently: the customer can track his package globally and examine the status daily. In order to guarantee this all-encompassing service, all our shipments are equipped with machine-readable labels; thanks to the individual code, unique identification is guaranteed.

This way the sorting machines in the hubs of our shipping partners know where to direct your package. In each sorting center where the parcel passes, it is scanned and the extrapolated data feeds the centralized database. We and our customers know where the shipment is located in the world at all times.

In addition, thanks to the label applied to the package, it is possible to monitor whether the time frames are respected and in which transit places the package passes during its journey to its destination. The individual scans determine the shipment history of the package so that the current status of the shipment is identifiable at any time.


How long does it take for a package shipped with China Post to arrive?

China Post has an average delivery time ranging from 20 to 60 days. In addition, it can sometimes take another 15 days for the processing and preparation of the shipment.

How can I contact China Post?

On the official website, as indicated in this article, there is a link to get in touch with the assistance service.

How to track a parcel from China that has arrived in Italy?

Using the 17Track app you can find out every available detail of your package just arrived in Italy. In the article, you can find other useful tips.

How to track a package shipped from AliExpress?

In the section: my Orders, click on the appropriate item for Tracking. If there is no shipping information or the information is poorly identifiable, try one of the remedies listed in the article.

Track a package with Banggood, Wish?

Here, too, you can go through the respective proprietary apps and find out any information regarding your shipment. If you are not present, use one of the Apps indicated in the article that will certainly be able to provide you with more details on the shipment.

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