Amiga Forever 8 is a software of a series of personal computers manufactured by Comodor in the 1980s and 1990s, and produced in various models around the world and released to worldwide markets.

These computers were a combination of multimedia technologies that were easy to use and operate.

Amiga Forever is a software tool for simulating the work environment of AMIGA computers, developed by the developer of these computers, Cloanto.

This software delivers the ultimate multimedia games and files for an unmatched experience from Amiga.

Here are some key features of “Amiga Forever v8.0.8.0”:

  • Support for thousands of games , demos and amiga downloadable software
  • Has default games with the ability to download games
  • Demoscene pre-installed and support for downloading new demos
  • Workspace 1.3 Pre-installed to run the oldest games
  • Includes Speech Synthesis
  • Compilers , Translator and Amiga spokesman – Support for new RP9 file formats including RP9 Editor, RP9 Toolbox and RetroPlatform
  • pdates on streaming media and posts. User on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Live Messenger Windows
  • Ability to share Amiga data files
  • Pre-configure hardware simulation Amiga’s assumption
  • Direct image upload on Facebook and Twitter
  • Supports RTG, SCSI, TCP / IP, AHI chipsets
  • Supports latest winuae and winfellow versions tested by cloanto

System Requirement

OS :Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10

The Amiga emulation requires a CPU with SSE2 instructions, as included in Pentium 4 and later CPUs and equivalent AMD CPUs since around 2001-2003.

The Windows version of the Amiga emulation software uses DirectX 9.0c. Windows 7 ships with at least DirectX 10.0, Windows Vista ships with at least DirectX 9.0, while Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 originally shipped with at least DirectX 8.1. If the specific 9.0c version is missing, Amiga Forever can install it automatically.

Download Amiga Forever v8.0.8.0

Download Here



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