Ableton Live Suite v11.0.6 It is one of the best software for making and mixing music, which is accompanied by advanced and professional tools. The tools provided in the Ableton Live Suite software provide a graphical and simulated environment for a music studio for users. Using the default sounds in each section, simulates different instruments and special effects, different samples and a special composition environment for you. Adjusting the music and inserting the samples with the sound settings in each section gives the users this access so that they can take the sound and make the sound by adjusting the sound exclusively.

Ableton Live Suite software Fully supports OGG, Wav, AIFF, FLAC files. Ableton Live is provided for the Windows operating system, which has a variety of samples, including various instruments. This huge collection has more than 25 gigs of ready samples and all the provided samples can be run and implemented on the software. Other features of Ableton Live Suite include: Professional music production software where almost anything is possible, new EQ Eight adhesive compressor and equalizer, latency, 37 professional effects, VST support and more AU, can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems, recording components up to 32 bits / 192 kHz and noted.

Features of Ableton Live Suite
– A professional music making software that can do practically anything
– New Glue Compressor and EQ Eight equalizer
– New audio capabilities to MIDI
– Ability to twist and stretch time
– Supports all file formats
– Ability to record multiple songs simultaneously with 32-bit / 192 kHz quality
– Two clear image views
– Drum rack, percussion and simpler tools
– 37 professional effects
– 11 GB sample
– VST and AU support
– Can be used on both PC and Mac

“Ableton Live Suite v11.0.6

Features of Ableton Live Suite

Professional production software in which practically everything is possible
New Glue Compressor and EQ Eight equalizer
New Audio to MIDI capabilities
Time warp and stretch possibilities
Supports all file formats
Multitrack recording up to 32-bit / 192 kHz
Two clear image views
Drum Rack, Impulse and Simpler instruments
37 Professional effects
11GB of samples
VST and AU support
Can be used on both PC and Mac

System Requirement

  • Windows 10 (Build 1909 and later)
  • Intel® Core ™ i5 processor or an AMD multi-core processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1366×768 display resolution
  • ASIO compatible audio hardware for Link support (also recommended for optimal audio performance)


Ableton Live Suite v11.0.6

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