Abelssoft PDF Compressor 2019 2 is an application for compressing PDF files. With the help of powerful file compression algorithms, this software can reduce the size of large PDF files and free up their storage space on the memory. PDF Compressor can reduce the size of a PDF file by keeping its content up to 80%. If you want to reduce the size of a large number of large PDF files, you can easily select all of them and apply compression operations to them with the help of batch processing software.

Fast Compression
Abelssoft PDF Compressor is the ideal everyday helper when it comes to sending small PDFs. In comparison with other programs PDF Compressor accomplishes compressing large PDFs with many pages in record time.

Batch Operation for Many PDFs
If you work with many PDFs, there is a convenient batch processing feature. Simply paste all the PDFs into the tool in one go, and then let the PDF Compressor work for you. The processed PDFs will be automatically saved in the target folder.

Intuitive Operation
PDFCompressor uses a simple and attractive user interface. You do not need any prior knowledge or manual!

Simply Paste PDFs
PDF Compressor can work both by directly pasting PDFs and through Drag & Drop. It does not get any simpler!

Manually Set the Compression Rate
Users can set the desired output with a simple 3-level slider.

Multilingual Supports
PDF Compressor is available in English and German. Additional languages ​​are being added, so that you can get these simply through the

Update Manager.
Compact User Interface The
PDF Compressor’s user interface was designed as compactly as possible, supporting almost all common resolutions.

Competent Support
You can always contact the support team via the contact form to get your concerns addressed. Our experts are ready to help you!

Here are some key Features of “Abelssoft PDF Compressor 2019 v2.02” :

  • Compress and reduce the size of PDF files up to 80%
  • Maintain the contents of the PDF file during compression
  • Batch processing and compression of PDF files
  • Compress speed
  • Simple and easy interface

System Requirement

  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7


Abelssoft PDF Compressor 2019 v2.02

Download Here


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