7 Best Free Online Text Editors For Developers – An online text editor is quite a useful tool for saving data online. It helps you to enter, change, and print Text online. You can be a writer or developer. It’s essential for developers as it’s very effective for code management and for writers to save quick thoughts and jot down important notes.

These texts can be accessed quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.
Why do you need an online text editor?

Most online editors come up with an advantage of IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
The foremost benefit is no setup formation just go straight writing. Saving your timing and your computer space from errands and clutters.

These free and very easy to use. Therefore, they are the best choice for writers. There is no need for the installation of any software. Just go online and then save it.

It can also work with documents and spreadsheets. You can also change styles and graphics in them and there are many other good changing options.

Some tools also have the feature to collaborate with the team members in the tool. If you don’t want to extend it, just share the URL with your friends or colleagues.

The tools here are researched and checked by our team
So, here is the list of the top 7 best online text editors.

7 Best Free Online Text Editors For Developers

4HTML text editor

4HTML is an amazing text editor. It is most similar to Microsoft Word and performs basic functions such as processing word type, size, and many more. It gives you the opportunity to download the file to your computer and view it in a PDF viewer. It can work with text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

4HTML also allows you to your documents URL and share it. It also allows you to insert images, undo, redo text, and choose a suitable text alignment. Working with 4HTML text editor will save you precious time and allow you to quickly edit documents. Without any fees or sign-ups.


Write URL is a simply amazing text editor which is free and has no registration. The best feature of write URL is that it can be used offline you can edit your existing documents and even create new documents offline. These documents will be saved on your device and will be sent to the server when online.

Write URL is also very helpful to collaborators as the edited document is visible to all readers and writers at the same time. You can edit your text very easily as in bold, italic, underline it, etc. Links and images can also be included in the Write URL. And most of all the entire document history is also stored in the server.


Text Editor by Prepostseo is simple and easy to understand. The text is awesome and the interface is user friendly. Anyone can use it. This website is for those who want to edit content online and their work is done perfectly.
You can also upload content in it and can save it as docs or PDF. You can write in it without any limitations of location and can access the globe. It also helps to remove mistakes from the text helps you to save time and provide the best content.


Vim is an incredible text editor. It allows you to create change in any kind of text. Vim is continuously being developed to make it better and better. Vim works on all significant platforms. It has an extensive plugin system that makes documentation easy. Most importantly vim supports hundreds of programming languages and file formats.

Vim is best for of text editing, from composing an email to editing configuration files. File formatting in vim is also very easy as it has a multi-level undo tree and is very persistent. Vim works in a very simple way just as notepad.

Online Graded Text Editor

It works on the vocabulary of the text and is a free editing tool. Analyzing the vocabulary allows you to determine frequency and learner level and that helps you find which mostly are the words.
It has a very unique feature that records various statistics such as total running words, % of in or out words, words ignored, and many more. Online Graded Text Editor exports the data analysis and also allows you to export your edited documents on your computer. It can also quickly determine which word is difficult for you or your leaner or reader.


Editpad.org is a simple but very powerful text editor that is simple and easy to use user interface. You can paste your text or write your data on it and you can download it into .txt format. You won’t have to sign in or sign up for any for text edition. It’s completely free and you can use it anytime you can also copy or cut your data and then paste it anywhere you want. It provides you a word count in it and a character count to count your characters and words. You can also switch to a new window for further text editing.

Text edit.Co

Text edit.Co is a free online text editor which is a simple but very powerful editor it provides you basic font and let you create your own text design. It provides you a great user interface in which you can edit your text easy without any sign in or sign up. It provides you tools like changing your font, undo, redo, print, word wrap, etc. You can print it directly without saving it you can also download it in .txt format or upload it to your G-drive you can edit text from a computer file by uploading that file or from G-drive or just create a new text area.


This article is written after extensive research. These all are very powerful tools that can ease your workflow and make it fast.
Another great feature of it is they all can be accessed anywhere with internet.
They all are simple to use and very clear containing only main stuff on the screen.
It also contains easy options for sharing and gives a nice user experience.
These are our best 7 online text editors for 2020.

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